If you can brand your passion, then you can build a THRIVING online business.Randy Pugh
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    Develop Your Passion Capital

    More valuable than money, human resources, and intellectual property, Passion Capital is what separates leaders from followers, and innovators from imitators. It is the foundation upon which all other forms of capital are built. Passion is an emotion, but Passion Capital is tangible. It is the energy, intensity, and sustainability leaders use to build lasting value and competitive advantage.

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    Build your passion platform

    Once you have developed your passion capital, then you must deposit this value into your networks. I will show you how to assemble the social profiles, tools, and other Web properties you need to build a base of influence, that will eventually become a platform for profit.

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    Engage your passion partners

    Finding the influencers in your passion category, getting their attention, and inviting them to invest that attention in your value proposition, are all must-have skills in an effective online engagement strategy.

3 Key Concepts You Need To Understand


Influence is greater than income.


Learn how influence is the cost of doing business in a connected society.

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Your Passion Is Your Platform.


See why your passion is not the key to profit, but to influence - which has the power to produce profit.

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Customers Are Greater Than Comrades.


The future of Entrepreneurship belongs to the Network Consumer.

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