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Passion branding is the most effective way to market yourself, through multiple levels of influence, in a connected society. "Armed" with a product that empowers your passion, you can fund a THRIVING lifestyle through "freedom" (framework) of expression, and a simple method of passion-sponsorship. Learn more about the FREEDOM framework ™, which I created to help guide your efforts and align your value (Passion Capital) with a networking strategy that elevates passion, while at the same time illuminating your product. This is the future of online Network Marketing. 


Promoting a product is much easier, when you are constantly wearing it!


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Honeymoon 2014

hello freedom-seekers!

Hello, my name is Randy... and my best friend, business partner, and Wiffy (all of which are the same person, of course) says hi as well. Her name is Mandy - yep, it's Randy & Mandy... kinda catchy, aye. We help couples around the globe have more time to spend with each other. By teaching the principles of passion branding, our partners learn how to effectively align their passion with a product in the network marketing profession. Thus, building a base of influence from which to develop a platform for profit. Our story is probably not much different than more.

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